Kushy API Documentation

In order to facilitate accessibility to the Kushy API, I wanted to create documentation that would entice and educate developers on how to use the new API.

I first researched several options, from Slate to Gitbook to Docusaurus to React-Styleguidist, and created prototypes on Netlify to test.

After shopping around, I wasn't satisfied with the flexibility of the solutions I'd discovered, so I set off to create my own in GatsbyJS since I had experience with it already. It was an excellent static site generator that could easily be modified to work with the Markdown format of documentation.

I forked this website as the basis, implemented the Kushy branding, and created a framework for the documentation (to automatically generate menus and special styles). This project was deployed on Github Pages, and I created a subdomain (docs.api.kushy.net) on Amazon's Route53 to mask the Github URL.


kushy api docs


kushy api docs frontpage

Single Page Layout

kushy api docs page

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