Kush Supply Co Iconography

14 February, 2019

As Kush Supply Co. expanded as a company, the need for a custom set of iconography grew larger. I was tasked with creating an icon set that would replace the use of Font Awesome across the site, and be used across web and print media. The goal was to create a full set of common use icons, as well as more custom icons that reflect the industry and products of Kush Supply Co.

Kush Supply Co Iconography set

The icons were created with care to reflect the Kush Supply Co. branding and aesthetic. Despite being rigid, designs were kept soft and slightly rounded to be less abrasive.

Kush Supply Co Iconography enlarged and color samples

Custom icons of the most popular products were designed at a much larger scale than a normal icon for use on the web and print. Detail was key, since vape cartridges are distinguished with minute details.

Kush Supply Co Iconography oversized product icons

Kush Supply Co Iconography product icons

The icons were distributed as EPS, JPG, PNG files at various sizes, and I put together a Sketch library that contained all the icons for easy use in prototyping.

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