05 March, 2018

In 2018, I was approached by Hi-ness, an cannabis infused edibles manufacturer, looking to create a Shopify website for their new CBD brand, Hemp-ness.

My role was a combination of designing pages and converting PSDs provided by the client to a Shopify theme. One of the key features that stood out was a dynamic image slider for the frontpage. I was also tasked with creating a product mockup for the website by superimposing the product label on stock photography.

hempness imac

hempness iphones

hempness imac 2


The client planned to sell CBD tinctures on the website, but had not received final samples to photograph. I created mockups of the product using a stock photo of a similar tincture bottle and the product label.

hempness bottle mockup side


hempness bottle mockup front


Web Design

I designed the layout of the category and product pages in Sketch, and then translated the design to HTML, CSS, and Liquid - the Shopify theming language.

Category View

hempness category page

Product Page

hempness product page

Final Designs

Designs were evaluated over time and updated with feedback from the client.


hempness final frontpage

About CBD

hempness final cbd

Category View

hempness category page final

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