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25 June, 2020

Recently it's seemed that a lot of developer communities are moving over to Discord from the myriad of dispersed platforms (like Github issues, Slack, or message boards like Spectrum). Discord has been a great way to connect with other developers across the world on the instanenous level only real-time chat can provide. There's nothing like having a problem, going to the #help chat, and getting 4+ insightful responses right away. It's also nice to have the option to spin up a voice or video chat with fellow devs and work out a problem together.

Here's a list of developer Discord communities that I've discovered and joined over time.

List of Developer Discords

Software Specific

These are official (or semi-official) communities for software, libraries, and frameworks.


These are more "community" driven Discords that might not focus on one particular coding language, library, etc.

Events / Conferences

These communities are driven around particular tech events that may be local or remote.


Anything that I missed?

Are you a member of any developer communities that I missed? Comment here or let me know on Twitter. Always looking to spread the spotlight and create more accessibility.

You can also check out the Programming and Technology tags on, a directory site for Discord communities.



Thank you to the following people for contributing to the list across various platforms.

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