I was recently working on a quick project in Sketch and I needed to insert some Lorem Ipsum text into a few fields. I did a quick search for a plugin on Google and came across this one by @RichardGong on Github. It worked great, but only added a single line of Lorem to each text field, and the same Lorem text. This solution only goes so far if you work on any project with more than a single text field.

So I forked his project and added more Lipsum, cause you know, the more Lipsum the better.

How it works

I generated 10 paragraphs on Lipsum.com and added them to an array. The plugin grabs the current selection, loops through each layer, and if it's a text field -- adds a paragraph of Lorem Ipsum. I use a variable to keep count of each loop, and once it reaches 10, I reset the count to grab from the top of the list (so you can select 30 fields and it'll still fill them all, just repeated 3x).

But it over-fills my text fields!

Yeah that's a thing. I was looking into a way to calculate the length of characters the current text field allows, but the Sketch API doesn't make it that simple, making it more than 20-30 lines of code to accomplish. It looks like the sketch-highlighter plugin has a snippet that I can break down and use as a base. That feature will have to come later when I have the time to add it.

Download the plugin

Head over to Github and click the "Clone or download" button.

Let me know if you have any questions! Ryo


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